School Management

Rachel Mager

Chair of Management

Main responsibilities:

  • Convenes and chairs the Management meetings and has final authority where consensus on a matter cannot be reached.
  • Responsible for holding each member of the Management accountable for their respective portfolio.
  • Teaching responsibilities: Class 8

John Stewart

Education Administrator

Main responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of the school’s curriculum
  • Point-of-contact and liaison with regulatory bodies with regard to teacher and school registration
  • Monitors statutory regulations and manages governance and legal issues
  • Represents the school to parents, external organisations and the general public
  • Member of the Finance Committee
  • Responsible for the further training and the professional development of staff and in the management of staff performance
  • Member of the Board
  • Shares responsibility for HR with the Business Manager

Leanne Sarah

Business Manager &  Bursar

Main responsibilities:

  • Business Manager/Bursar
  • Grounds &  Maintenance and Transport
  • Masterplan &  Strategic planning maintenance and development
  • Finance
  • Class 11/12 Eurythmy

Larissa Lemon

College Chair

Main responsibilities:

  • College Chair
    • ensures College maintains its capacity meet the needs of the school through Anthroposophical study, Child Studies, Festivals,and pedagogical and professional development
  • Teaching load – Class Teacher

Bernie Wagg

School Co-ordinator

Main responsibilities:

  • 11 & 12 Programme / VCE – research, develop and implement infrastructure
  • Oversees (with John Stewart) that balanced programmes are offered from 9 – 12
  • Secondary school parent liaison
  • VCAA liaison
  • Upper School development
  • Teaching load

Danielle Fischer

Management members are responsible and accountable for the effective and responsible management of the school on a day to day basis. Members of Management work with College, which is the Guardian of the Spiritual Impulse of the School. Management members are charged with ensuring that this Impulse is reflected in the School’s life and daily management.

  • Teaching responsibilities: Art – Classes 9 to 12, Class 11 Guardian