School Management

Rachel Mager

Chair of Management

Main responsibilities:

  • Convenes and chairs the Management meetings and has final authority where consensus on a matter cannot be reached
  • Responsible for holding each member of Management accountable for their respective portfolio
  • Teaching responsibilities: Learning Support Coordinator

John Stewart

Education Administrator

Main responsibilities:

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of the school’s curriculum
  • Point-of-contact and liaison with regulatory bodies with regard to teacher and school registration
  • Monitors statutory regulations and manages governance and legal issues
  • Represents the school to parents, external organisations and the general public
  • Member of the Finance Committee
  • Responsible for the further training and the professional development of staff and in the management of staff performance
  • Member of the Board (ex-officio)
  • Shares responsibility for HR with the Business Manager

Leanne Sarah

Business Manager &  Bursar

Main responsibilities:

  • Business Manager/Bursar
  • Grounds &  Maintenance and Transport
  • Masterplan &  Strategic planning maintenance and development
  • Finance

Larissa Lemon

College Chair

Main responsibilities:

  • College Chair
    • ensures College maintains its capacity meet the needs of the school through Anthroposophical study, Child Studies, Festivals,and pedagogical and professional development
  • Teaching load – Class Teacher

Bernie Wagg

School Co-ordinator

Main responsibilities:

  • 11 & 12 Programme / VCE – research, develop and implement infrastructure
  • Oversees (with John Stewart) that balanced programmes are offered from 9 – 12
  • Secondary school parent liaison
  • VCAA liaison
  • Upper School development

Damien Callan

General Member

Main responsibilities:

  • Consultative member of Management
  • Teaching load – Music Coordinator