Graduated: 2016, Class 12

After LYSS…
After I graduated Class 12 at LYSS I commenced a Bachelor of Design (majoring in Architecture) at The University of Melbourne. My studies have led me to travel to India in 2018 to take part in a humanitarian design internship with World Vision, to working in my current role as an architectural designer, and now to studying a Master of Architecture.

What I enjoyed most about my Steiner education…
The Main Lessons, the outdoor education program, and the Class 12 Independent Research Project.

Something I would share with the students at LYSS…
Rejoice in the uniqueness of your experience at a Steiner school and cherish the love and support of your friends, teachers and community. Keep an open mind; the diverse Main Lesson program and Class 12 Independent Research Project are such incredible opportunities to learn about yourself and a breadth of subjects, you never know what may pique your curiosity, imagination and define your life path.


Graduated: 2020, Class 12

After LYSS…
After LYSS, I moved to Adelaide to do a Bachelor of Creative Arts (Visual Arts) at Flinders University and Adelaide College of the Arts.

What I enjoyed most about my Steiner education…
The thing I enjoyed the most about Steiner education was creativity. I think that being able to think creatively has helped me challenge myself, adapt to unknown situations and listen to others. I can always pick someone who went to a Steiner school because they have a certain
level of presence and appreciation for the littler things in life!

Something I would share with the students at LYSS…
If I could share anything with the students at LYSS, it would be:
Enjoy it. Enjoy the rich musical, artistic and creative opportunities. Enjoy the
friendships that are formed with fellow students and teachers. Enjoy sitting outside in the sun when you’re doing maths. Life gets much more chaotic and quite often I think about those days we spent outside and wish I could go back and lay in the sun for one more second.


Graduated: 2019, Class 12

After LYSS what did I do…

I graduated Class 12 at the end of 2019. Post-school travel was put on hold due to the events of 2020, but I was still able to enjoy some interesting experiences in my gap year, including drafting a new book. In February 2021 I began studying at Victoria University, where I am currently completing my Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Literature and Writing. Ultimately, my goal is to continue writing, and work towards a PhD that would allow me to give back to academia through my work, and fulfil my interests in literary theory, and the support of up-and-coming students.

What I enjoyed most about my Steiner education…

I found my time at LYSS to be a rewarding blend of an interesting and fulfilling curriculum, and teachers who cared deeply about their students. I always found main lessons to be some of my favourite parts of what we did at Steiner, both in primary and high school (although it’s fair to say that it was high school main lessons like the Romantics, Parzival, and most of the art history main lessons that really showed me what I’m passionate about pursuing). The community and yearly rhythm of this school is also something I valued enormously – and value more now that I have graduated, and can see how unique my experience really was.

I’m very grateful to have had the school life that I did.

Something I would share with the students at LYSS…

Having now become a university student, I can confirm what we were always told at LYSS – doing main lessons DOES actually set you up nicely for the uni experience. In all seriousness, take advantage of the environment LYSS provides for finding out who you are, what you love, and how to connect with your education – I can’t tell you how many times since entering adulthood I have been grateful for things my experience at LYSS has given me.

(Oh, and if you’re passionate about something? Do the Class 12 project. Make that interest of yours into a year long experience, because it’s so, so worth it).


Graduated: 2015, Class 12

After LYSS what did I do…

After graduating from LYSS in 2015, I got accepted into Melbourne University Bachelor of Fine Arts Contemporary dance at the Victorian College of the Arts. I was able to take this path by being the first student at LYSS to complete the VCE exams and acquire an ATAR score. Over my 3 years at VCA I travelled and performed in Europe and gained amazing yet challenging creative and professional experience.

After graduating from Melbourne University in 2018, I travelled the East coast of Australia with my best friend Azia in a 1981 Toyota Hiace van which she restored as her year 12 project.

Along this journey I found work choreographing, performing  and facilitating workshops at festivals across Australia. This work is what I love and I will be resuming it as soon as possible, with more opportunities set up for Spring this year. I have done yoga teacher training and am to begin my pilates teacher training in the next couple of months. I will also be choreographing/ performing a work for Melbourne Fringe Festival 2021.

What I enjoyed most about my Steiner education…

What I enjoyed most about my Steiner education is the bond I created with my class. They became my family and the experiences we shared through the years, I’m forever grateful for.

Our class teacher Woody and the first couple of years of high school were a highlight for me. We created and toured ReKINDle, a bush fire relief concert, after the 2009 bushfires as well as recorded a CD. These years were all about performance, music and the creative process.

I also loved the hiking camps through year 9, and building a fleet of canoes in year 8.

I always appreciated the time throughout the years allocated for creative writing/story writing/poem writing through Main Lessons and/or course work. As well as it being a joy, I feel it really aided me in my English exam and throughout university.

Another amazing teacher and mentor to me was Kate Bills and her incredible History of Arts main lessons.

Something I would share with the students at LYSS…

Don’t be afraid to make your own way, even if nobody has gone before you.

Trust your intuition and it will lead you where you need to be. Make Art!


Graduated: 2009, Class 12

After LYSS…
I went to the Australian Catholic University and studied a Bachelor of Nursing.

What I enjoyed most about my Steiner education…
The community.

My favourite memory of my time at LYSS…
The camps, the seasonal rituals and the class routines.

Interesting things I’ve done since finishing school…
Travelled the world, studied nursing and completed placements in hospitals in Sri Lanka and Cambodia. Worked in St Vincent’s Emergency Department. Had two children.

How I feel Steiner education has influenced my life…
The way I parent my children.


Graduated: 2008, Class 12

After LYSS…
I commenced a Bachelor Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) at RMIT University.

What I enjoyed most about my Steiner education…
The most enjoyable part of the Steiner education was the outdoor education program particularly in year 9 allowing me to explore the outdoors and test my physical capabilities.

My favourite memory of my time at LYSS…
Converting a full sized family sedan to remote control for my year 12 project and driving it around the school oval. The year 12 project gave me a deep sense of self confidence to confront and overcome challenges that I come across in my life that at the outset seem insurmountable. This is now done safe with the knowledge that I have already overcome the seemingly impossible.

Interesting things I’ve done since finishing school…
Graduated Bachelor Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics Engineering (Honours) at RMIT University.

Working in the field of engineering and with unions. I stood as the Federal Labor Candidate for Casey at the 2016 Federal Election.

I’ve travelled extensively across Europe, Asia and the Middle East specifically to Vietnam to facilitate and advise the creation of a student union at the RMIT Vietnam Campus. Armenia and Artsakh guiding a delegation of NSW parliamentarians. Cambodia to participate in the Engineers Without Borders Humanitarian Design Summit looking a sustainable design solutions for Cambodian communities.

Family & Hobbies:
Work in Progress!

How I feel Steiner education has influenced my life…
Steiner education has given me a breadth of knowledge and enhanced my capacity for critical thinking, creativity and problem solving allowing me to readily grasp the opportunities presented to me. There were in my view three key factors that contributed to this.

Firstly the ‘main lesson’ program learning about various sciences, cultures, philosophies, and periods of history. Secondly the diversity and breadth of the curriculum in particular with the inclusion of year 12 final project and the extensive music, outdoor education and art programs. Thirdly the care and consideration shown by the staff at the school, the second to none kindness and insight provided by my year 1-8 class teacher, as well as the tight knit school community.