Class 7 & 8

Our High School Information Evening was unfortunately cancelled this May, due to Covid-19 restrictions. So we made a short video for those interested in Secondary Education at Little Yarra Steiner School. We are still running limited tours through the school next term, so please click here to book a tour to come and see the school in action.

Class 7

In Class 7, the students reach 13 years of age, and become teenagers. There is still accelerated growth in the limbs, and an associated awkwardness in movement. There is a growing sense of self within the students, with a new relationship being established with the world. Students at this age become very focused on the outside world. At the same time, they are undergoing physical and psychological changes which can leave them with a certain inner insecurity. They search for their own identity, and are keen to assert their opinion, often argumentatively, but cling to the jargon and clothing of their peer group.

Class 8

Class 8 marks a significant point in the transition from childhood to adolescence. Students often seem awkward in their own bodies and have sometimes lost the gracefulness of childhood. The physical and psychological changes of adolescence are well under way. As the critical faculties of students sharpen, the world of ideas acquires new meaning and rules come under scrutiny. Students like reasoning and are reasonable. Their descriptive observational ability is maturing and phenomena can be described that are increasingly complex. Abstract causality can begin to be appreciated.