Parent Involvement

There are many areas of the school that thrive with extra input and help, and we are always grateful for volunteers.

The annual event in the school calendar that involves the whole school community is the Open Day and Fair, which takes place in October. It is supported by volunteer work from the parent body. The school communicates events via the weekly Newsletter and is grateful for the help and support of all parents able to help out in the lead up and on the day.

Looking for more ways to get involved?

LYSS Parents’ & Friends’ Association (P&F)
The LYSS P&F represents all members of the School community working together cooperatively to support the School and to build a vibrant and effective community culture. Information about meetings can be found in the calendar of the newsletter. You can also contact the P&F at

Fundraising Group
The LYSS Fundraising group is run by parents, who hold activities to raise funds for various projects around the school. If you have an interest in this area please contact our office on

Fair Coordination Group
The Fair Coordination Group is made up of parent volunteers, administration and maintenance staff. This group coordinates and oversees the Fair component of the annual Open Day and Fair. If you have an interest in this area please contact our office on

Craft Group
From time to time parents get together to participate in a variety of craft activities, sharing their skills and passion for craft, with children in attendance. Should you wish to get involved, please speak with front office or email, for more information.