Cultural Visit Information

What is a Cultural visit? At Little Yarra Steiner School, students have the opportunity to take part in a Cultural Visit. This gives them the chance to connect with an overseas Steiner/Waldorf student, and to live with their family for up to 90 days. The Little Yarra student would then reciprocate and have their cultural visit partner come and stay with them in Australia.

Who can do it? This opportunity is open to all students during their Class 10 year. Preparations for cultural visit usually occur in Class 9, however is still possible to organise early in Class 10. Although the LYSS student travels during their Class 10 year, the visiting student may attend during Class 9 to 11, if they are unable to attend in Class 10.

Where can you go? There are Steiner/Waldorf Schools across the world that provide the cultural visit opportunity. It is, of course, helpful if the student has some basic comprehension in the language of the country they wish to visit; however, this is not a prerequisite. We have had students go to Germany, Israel, France, Canada, New Zealand, Switzerland and the USA, as some examples; however, there are many more opportunities available. Please contact the office for a listing of Steiner schools across the world.

What’s involved? The process is predominantly driven by the student and supported by the registrar.

How much does it cost? The cost is the price of the plane ticket, travel insurance and any spending money, as well as the hosting of the visiting student. While the LYSS student is overseas, their family continues paying fees here and vice versa for the vising student.

Other considerations? We encourage the students to get to know each other as well as possible, before deciding on a visit. This includes both families having ongoing communication including emails and Skype sessions, so that each feel comfortable with the arrangement. Parents of both families, or anyone over the age of 18 that either student will be living with, will need to obtain a Working With Children Check (or equivalent) before the visit can take place.

Please note that Cultural Visits are not part of the ‘student exchange program provided under the National Guidelines for Student Exchange’.

General Outline of the Process

Student to speak with their parents to discuss possibilities and choose a country.

Student to check that their passport is in date early on to prevent delays.

Student to meet with Registrar to discuss opportunities and possible dates. These dates need to be confirmed by the Principal & the relevant Guardians.

Student to create an A4 document including information about their hobbies/job, family life, school, area, contact email address and some photos. Make sure parents check it over. Translate to the relevant language and email to Steiner schools in the area you wish to visit. These email addresses can be found in the “World School List” of Waldorf/Steiner schools.

Students may also like to register at, a secure, online social networking platform for Students in Steiner Schools around the world.

Once students from the desired school have made contact – get to know them. Student to choose one that they would most like to visit with. It is very important that the student feels comfortable with this person, as they will be spending quite a bit of time together. Take the time to make sure the fit is right.

Once a visiting partner has been decided upon, contact LYSS Registrar with email addresses for the overseas student, family, school and teacher. The Registrar will confirm attendence with overseas school.

Student to spend time in conversation with their future cultural visit partner through email and Skype. This includes both families getting to know one another, as well.

Families (on both sides) need to obtain a Working with Children Check (or equivalent) for anyone living in the house over the age of 18 years.

Purchase plane tickets, travel insurance and organise visa, if necessary. All students participating in a cultural visit will travel on a tourist visa. It is the student/family’s responsibility to investigate visa requirements to the country of choice.

Have a great overseas visit

For further enquiries contact Shannon, the Registrar, on: or at the front office on 5967 1953

A PDF version of this document is available for download.